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Teddy bear hugThis is a brilliant interactive ecard that begind with a brown box sitin on the clouds before a yellow sunset. A caption appears above the box saying “click to open”. When the recipient clicks on the box a teddy bear pops up with a big grin. Give someone a hug

A Big Bear Hug This is a great friendship eCard in which a bear packs himself into a cardboard box beside a postbox. Soon, a postman comes along and lifts the box into his van. A little while later the postman arrives outside a house, another bear is stood outside the door waiting. The postman lifts the box out of the van and puts it down infront of the waiting bear. Suddenly, out jumps the first bear out of the box and hugs the second, very suprised bear! The message in this ecard is “Sending you a big hug”.


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