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No this is not a hi-tech birthday card, but a rather clever Granny who caught her thieving carer pinching her pension; by hiding a mini camera behind a birthday card.Eileen Forte, 87, who suffered from a stroke, got her granddaughter Tina Priestman, 47, to set up the camera.

And the clever move proved to be a massive success after the Grandma caught her carer thieving her pension right on camera.

The footage showed Angela Holman, 33, taking a £20 note from Eileen’s bag and £40 from her purse. Holman had become a close friend of the family and was trusted that she looked after their grandmother properly.

Mrs Priestman said, 47, said, “Nan sent her a card saying ‘To a wonderful carer.’

“As a carer she was very good and Nan thought the world of her.”

Forte began to get suspicious of Holman after money started going missing from her purse. Mrs Forte didn’t want to believe her friend would do such a thing but knew that the money was going missing and Mrs Priestman needed proof to convince others of what she was doing.

So Mrs Priestman set up a covert operation to catch the thief. By making a small hole in the birthday card, she hid a camera behind it which was focused on the exact spot where Mrs Forte kept her handbag.

Banknotes that were in Mrs Forte’s bag were marked up and the camera was set to record everything that went on in the living room.

Mrs Priestman said, “We knew that she had taken £40 but when we watched the footage we could still hardly believe it.

“We watched in disbelief.

The police were called and Holman was arrested on suspicion of theft. The 33-year-old denied taking the money but after the police found the £40 marked notes in her car she pleaded guilty to two counts of theft at a virtual court at Bromley Police Station when she learnt that she had been caught red handed.

Mrs Forte said, “When she was arrested I could not believe it was her.

“She was a good friend, a good friend.

“It upset me a great deal.

“She used to say you are like my Nan and I looked at her like sort of a granddaughter.

“I can still hardly believe it and I feel sickened.

“Now I have two trustworthy good carers.”

Her granddaughter added, “It needed for her not to be able to tod that to anybody else and this is why we did what we did. “She needed to be caught so no one else would have to go through what we have been through.”

She has also been suspended by her employer Care UK when the allegations were made and has now been dismissed.

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