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So we have been trying to develop a new range of ecards which has a slightly different purpose.  Many of our cards are really focused to being a bit funny, jokey or rude and we have not really had that many cards which are relevant for mums.  I am sure mums like a good joke like the next person but that have manic lives where their children are pulling them this way and that.  What many of them want out of an ecard is to have a bit of escapism, a moment to think, a chance to relax.  Even if it is for a few seconds this can be enough to lift them out of their crazy lives of screaming babies, manic toddlers or troublesome teenagers.

Below is the start of our new range of escapism cards which as I mentioned are there to help the recipient kick back, relax and escape into their thoughts.  As the new cards come online I will be sure to post them in.

Relax Its Your Birthday

Happy Birthday Roses

Warm Birthday Wishes


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