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Here is our list of 10 great snazzy products which you dad will love.

1)  This is a hands free controller for your TV or Laptop.  Just wave your hands in front of the TV and the sensor monitors your hand movements and turns this into controls.

2) Workbench:  Every bloke needs one of these, even if they are more interested in flower aranging they will love one of these.  They are so usefull and can be tucked away:

3) Webcam Iphone: New Fathers will love this gadget – its a baby monitor which hooks into your iphone – so you can be digging in the garden while the mrs is taking a well earned break and have a web cam feed of the new baby straight to your phone.

4) Indestructible Iphone: This is a case makes your phone tougher than Bruce Lee!  Shock proof, waterproof – a nuke couldn’t get through this puppy.  Great stuff!

5) Shirt Shuttle:  These days so many people cycle into work and good on them for keeping fit and getting cars off the road.  This fathers day treat your dad to this clever device which keeps your shirt ironed and fresh while you race into work.

6) Grippy Pad:  This is a great little gizo for putting into your car which your phone will stick to.  Its only £6.99 and will make a great fathers day present.

7) Fitbit:  This is a little product which hooks up to you iphone or android enabled phone and it acts as a personal trainer, dietician, lifestyle coach and motivational guru for you 24/7.  If your dad is a bit podgy it could be just what he needs to get him fit and trim.

8 ) Water Balloon Sling Shot:  If you Dad likes causing trouble here is a great present which I am sure will be well used during this hot summer which we all hope is on the way.  Its just going to cause trouble and be lots of fun and for £7.99 its a bargain!

9) Beard Ski:  If your dad likes skiing and is a bit of a buffoon and likes messing about here is a great present for him.  Its a big beard which keeps you warm and looks fun.  £24.99

10) AirDrone: Last but not least my favorite.  This is a remote controlled drone which you can control with your mobile phone and there is even a video camera on the drone and which you can see the live feed on your phone.  £249


Make sure you send your dad a Fathers Day eCard this Fathers day as he will be sure to love it!!



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