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Most Dads in this world are fed up to the back teeth of receiving dodgy ties, socks or a new mug for the office.  We have come up with 10 things which you can do for you Dad which we think he will really appreciate and it wont cost you a penny.

  1. Food:  Cook him a great meal.  We’re not talking a goats cheese salad here we are talking real food.  Ribs dripping in BBQ sauce with those thin crispy fries that you only get once in a while or at a posh french restaurant.
  2. Wash & Groom The Dog:  Its one of those jobs which is put off for too long and it always annoys fathers when this mangey mutt is wandering around the house putting mud, sand and all sorts of crap everywhere.  The hair shedding is also a nightmare.
  3. Chauffeur or Babysitter:  If you are a teenager and able to drive – why not offer to be a chauffeur for the evening for your parents so they can take themselves off for a night on the town.
  4. Mow the Lawn:  If you mow the lawn your dad has time to take it easy and have a snooze in the garden listening to test match special if the cricket is on.
  5. Clean the Car (Inside & Out):  There are just not enough hours in the day for most dads and this will go down really well.
  6. Do the washing up for a week:  Every day when you get home you clean the kitchen and after dinner every night you do the washing up.
  7. IOU x 5 – this is a piece of paper which is stuck onto the fridge (via fridge magnet) which enables dad to at any point within the month call in the 5 IOUs.  Any disagreement, quarrel or argument enables dad to pull rank and win the argument without any further discussion.
  8. Breakfast in bed, wake up tea – for a week you will bring a cup of tea to Mum and Dad in the mornings and at the weekend you will bring them breakie in bed.
  9.  Slave for a day:  Offer yourself out as an odd job helper so that and jobs or errands he needs doing you are on hand for a day to sort them out (no pay).
  10. If you are going to buy him something ask mum and find out what he actually wants!

Whatever you decide to do for your fathers this fathers Day he is going to love it if you just make an effort and put yourself out for him.  It doesn’t take much just go a little out of your way and he will remember it!


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