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Is an eCard enough for an anniversary?  I’d say probably not if that is all you are going to do unless you want a damn good kicking from your better half!  But in this day and age of cost saving it is a free solution and can be used in all the little things you can do for your partner on your anniversary.  The likelihood is that your anniversary will fall on a week day so you wont be together for most of the day.  Having lots of small events going on throughout the day is a great way of having a special day.  Here are some more great things you can do:

  1. Send them an eCard:  We have loads of anniversary ecards which are all free to send and you can even post this to your partners facebook wall.
  2. Make them a meal:  When your partner gets home from work make sure they don’t lift a finger and make them a great romantic meal together.
  3. Hot Sex: Yep well this goes without saying but it all depends on how long you have been married!
  4. Send Flowers:  Flowers arriving at work is always a crowd pleaser
  5. Take them away:  a surprise night away in a little boutique hotel.
  6. Buy them something which they actually want, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  If its thoughtful and the recipient actually wants it , it will mean more to them.
  7. Personalised Card:  Compile all the photos of you together over the years and make a greeting card from it.




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