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How we can support our olympic team!

There are many different ways to support our olympians this year.

Here are our top ten:

1. Go to London games and watch the athletes of your nation compete in as many different events as possible. This is a great way to support the team because every cheer counts!

2. If you cant make it to the venue, watch the olympics online or through your television. By doing this you can keep track of how were doing.

3. Purchase the biggest flag you can find and hang it out your window, wear it or fly it outside your house.

4. Decorate the inside and outside of your house so everyone knows who you’re routing for!

5. If you’re an athlete buy and wear the athletics outfit. When competing you will almost feel like you’re part of the olympics it’self

6. When watching, BE LOUD, CHEER AND SING! Morale support is what we need to give us the edge over other nations.

7. Wish them good luck! Do this in every way possible! Maybe do it online via Facebook or Twitter.

8. Believe in them! There is nothing better than someone believing in you. If everyone does this  and lets the athletes know that we are believing in them, their performance is bound to be incredible!

9. High expectations is a key fundamental in our olympians doing well.

10. Send them a Good Luck eCard!


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