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Everyone likes a nice surprise or gesture on their special day, so here are our top ten things to do for someone on their birthday.

1. Treat them to a meal in the confinement of their own home. Cook for them, pour their wine, invite their close friends and family and enjoy the evening.

2. Throw a formal party. Invite all the birthday persons close friends and family, eat fine food, dance and have a ball.

3. Throw a surprise party for the birthday guy/gal. Invite all friends and family and make sure they keep it zipped!

4. Take them on holiday. Either surprise them, or let them know and help you make the decision.

5. Take them out to a fancy restaurant. Buy them their favorite meal! It’s bound to be appreciated.

6. Arrange for a group of friends to take the special person out clubbing. Maybe take them to a place where they havent been out before.

7. Give them the oppurtunity to do something they would love to do but would never get round to actually doing it. For example, take them sky diving or extreme fishing.

8. Bring them breakfast in bed, wait on them, pamper them, make sure they are fully satisfied.

9. Go out for a casual drink and buy them their favourite beverage! (expensive or not)

10. Send them an Happy Birthday eCard. We have a huge variety of Birthday eCards. Here are a few that you could send to someone on their special day.











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