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What to Buy for His Birthday?

Like men, Woman struggle buying birthday presents for men.  All men really want is toys, so here is a top ten list of toys to buy men on their birthday:

1. Buy him a new watch! High tech or designer, it will be appriciated

2. A new computer. This will go down a treat and maybe you can use it too!

3. Men love their music. Buy him a new ipod, mp3 player or a Hi-Fi stereo.

4. Fed up with his stench? New aftershave is the answer. He will love it and so will you.

5. A personalised pint glass. A mans dream present.

6. A suave new camera would be nice.

7. Every man needs a set of golf clubs…

8. A sky subscription, once bought, you will never go back!

9. Send him a saucy eCard? Some sort of invitation maybe?

10 Send him a personalised card.

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