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We all make mistakes, some are worse than others. If you do make a mess of something, always try and regain what you have lost. This will make you feel better about yourself and will make others feel better about you. Wether you have upset and friend or let down a family member, a simple sorry is a step in the right direction. All mistakes can be resolved in one way or another so here are some ways to regain trust, rebuild a friendship and ways to forgive someone who has hurt you.


If you have done wrong and you feel you need to be sorry, then aways start with giving the person you have upset time to think. In doing this, you are giving them an opportunity to assess the situation.

When you feel it’s the right time, approach them and explain yourself. Remember to bear in mind how THEY are feeling. Remember to be considerate and fair in your argument.

After doing this, give them more time to think. If your lucky, they will forgive you. In some cases, this is not always the answer. Friendships need time to rebuild and strengthen. They may not be to the level they were, but in time, this will grow.

A good way to start regaining trust is buy complementing them, doing things for them or maybe even buying them a gift to show how sorry you really are. A good starting point that is simple yet effective would be sending an apology letter or some sort of apologetic card. Here at eCards, we offer a huge selection of sorry, apologetic and even the grovelling on your knees type cards. This is a great starting point for an apology. If you do choose to send one of our cards, you might make the recipient laugh a little, cry a little or maybe forgive you a little . On receiving their eCard, they will defiantly pick up on the fact that you care and that you really are truly sorry.

If you have been hurt and your angry with someone, learn to forgive. You don’t have to forgive straight away, this depends on the seriousness of the situation. Forgiving someone is the best way to resolving trust, everyone will end up being happier in one way or another.

If you feel you simply cannot forgive, fair enough, but know that someone will always be waiting for  you to let them in.

Here are a selection of some of our sorry eCards that you could send to someone to have hurt.

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