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We all know the workplace is the last place you really want to be today however, like everyone else, you have to be! Getting bored at the workplace is possibly the worst however. Not only does it stress you out and place you in a bad mood, but it also makes the day last longer.

So now what? You are sitting there, stressed to high heaven, in the foulest of moods, clock watching.

Well, if you want to prevent the monotony that is your job, try some of these handy tips to keep the boredom at bay and possibly even increase your work rate.



1-      Drink water – It sounds silly, I know, but dehydration is a major cause of fatigue and that general sluggish feeling. Lack of hydration means your mind is less stimulated and a less stimulated mind is easier to bore.

2-      Listen to some music – or better yet, find new music to listen to. It’s an amazing way to decrease boredom and music has been scientifically proven to increase work rate and improve productivity. Don’t believe me? Research it, that’ll decrease your boredom too.

3-      Look up some jokes – Learn them and tell your co-workers.

4-      Improve skills – If jokes aren’t your thing, why not try to improve your skills? I always attempt touch-typing.

5-      Have a jolly good tidy – Clean-up your work area! And if it is already clean, re-arrange it.

6-      Make plans – There’s hope in plan’s; it becomes enjoyable to think about. Enjoying yourself means less boredom.

7-      Turn work into a game – Now this really depends on your job. If you sit in an office and send out invoices all day, then time yourself, see how fast you can do it. Obviously if you are a surgeon, you shouldn’t really see how quickly you can finish the job. It could prove nasty.. If you haven’t got the capacity to think up a game or your place of work doesn’t make this a viable option, play an already existing game. Sudoku’s a favourite of mine.

8-      If all else fails, blog like me – Everyone knows something about something. Find somewhere only where you can splurge this information!

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