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When the big birthdays are coming up, and you want to throw a party, it’s always stressful organising it. Whether its the big 50 or your 18th, there is nothing better than throwing a huge party and it all going to plan. So if you need advice on how to throw an awesome birthday party read below!

Firstly you need a venue. This could be your house or somewhere you have rented, never the less, make it vibrant ad outstanding!

Now, what’s a party without music? Acquire some big boomy speakers and something that can store a huge variety of music. Create an eclectic playlist so that everyone will be happy and raving!

Alcohol isn’t particularly the answer, but it does spur the party and the party goers on! Get a load of beverages that people can help themselves too and maybe stick them in a big bucket of cold water. There is nothing better than a cold beer!

Finally Invite the right people. Invite your friends, family members and maybe allow your close friends to bring a guest? An easy way to invite people is to send them an ivitation via our website

Click on the photo to take you straight to this eCard and from there you can access all our invitation eCards.



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