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An Interactive Valentines eCard staring Cupid!The shops are now adorned with giant red hearts on cards and fluffy teddy bears declaring undying love. What time of year could this be other than Valentine’s Day? Yes, the time of year where men forget to bring their loved ones flowers, cards and other meaningful gifts and spend days in the doghouse for their remiss behaviour. Valentine’s Day is important to many. Card and gift shops brace themselves for hearty sales. 

Boys, you have no need to despair. Information technology can save your dinner from being in the dog. Send her an ecard. You can send it to her email, upload it to her favourite social media site and she can proudly swank to her mates that her man loves her. The dog will be
s an important day in a woman’s calendar and we don’t let you forget it, should you commit the cardinal sin. Given today’s technology how hard can it be to forget the day? There is simply no excuse. Every time we boot our computers up, there is some form of reminder about love and a chubby cerubic icon floating across our screen to remind us not to forget our loved ones on this special day. Send her an ecard, make her day and more importantly, save your bacon. It doesn’t take much effort at all. You can do it, it is only pushing a few buttons.Who said the art of romance is dead? When we’re standing over our morning latte minus a card and no eye-wateringly expensive bouquet of roses to display to the passing world, am sure many women will nod their heads furiously in agreement that romance is truly dead. The sheer embarrassment when our friends/mothers/sisters ask the dreaded question: Well, what did he buy you, is enough to have us chewing our perfectly manicured nails we had done yesterday when expecting to be met with a card and a lustful ‘put your best dress on later, am taking you out for dinner’ Men sometimes, can forget how much this day means to us and we take it ever so personally and bar from cutting the sleeves from his Savile Row jacket, it can make us lose all rationale.Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, don’t forget.


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