Features of ecards personalised cards

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If you are looking for a great website to send free ecards, you have come to the right place at www.ecards.co.uk. Here at ecards we have all the features you could ask for when sending special personalised cards. Our website features many types of ecards, not just free personalised greetings cards, we have cards for… Read more »

8 Revolutionary, Politically Significant, and Slightly Strange International Holidays

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It’s easy to take the holidays we have for granted. From Christmas to New Years Day, labor vacations to the occasional bank holiday, most Western countries enjoy a selection of seasonal, political, and religious holidays. They’re as much a point of our national identity as they are a convenient break from work – something that’s… Read more »

Send a personalised greeting card on ‘Earth Day’

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What do you have planned for earth day?! Wherever in the world you live, you can be sure that there’s probably something special happening today in celebration of Earth Day. Some places are holding speaking events and live concerts, whilst others are promoting recycling and holding large recycling events – some festivities also include sponsored… Read more »

Personalised birthday cards with no excuses!

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Birthdays come around each year, and they are always a special occasion, no matter what your age is! Spoiling someone on their birthday is as popular as ever, whether you buy them a present, take them away somewhere special, or just enjoy a meal at a nice restaurant! The way we celebrate birthdays has changed… Read more »

5 Weird, Creepy, and Terrifying Destinations to Send a Postcard From

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Sending a postcard can be a hassle, especially when you’re busy exploring remote jungles, navigating through underground catacombs, and seeking out unusual tourist attractions to pose beside. Whether you’re a luxury traveller or a thrill-seeking backpacker type, it’s not uncommon to find yourself with severely limited free time – certainly not enough to head down… Read more »

Ecards set to take the UK by storm in 2010!

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Ecards are set to take the UK by storm in 2010, as campaigns for saving money and eco friendly continue to hit us left, right and centre! These free, printable personalised cards are due to become more popular in the UK after they were a hit in America especially during the popular occasion of mothers… Read more »

10 Unusual Holidays That Probably Don’t Have Their Own eCard

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Most of us have grown accustomed to the same old boring public holidays. There’s labor day, memorial day, and even the Easter holidays. Each are significant and important, but in many ways they’re a little dull. Unfortunately, it’s the dull holidays that seem best suited to commemoration. The card industry has narrowed our holiday interests… Read more »

Paper cards = old news!

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Natural ways of sending a personalised card are very quickly becoming ‘old news’, as lovely as it is to receive a paper card, our lifestyles have changed and people now struggle to find the time to spend hours browsing in card shops looking for a ‘card that suits’. But now with the development of programmes… Read more »