Boy to send 180,000 greeting cards to troops in Afghanistan

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Ten-year-old Stephen Goodman from Arizona, is on a personal mission to make sure that US troops serving overseas know they are appreciated, by sending them all homemade greeting cards. Goodman, from Surprise, a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, said that he won’t give up until all 18,000 US servicemen and women overseas receives one of his… Read more »

Clinton Cards sales have weakened

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Greeting cards retailer Clinton Cards said the total sales since its last statement in May have been weaker than expected.  Their total sales are expected to be about 2 per cent behind the board’s previous expectations, impacted by the disproportionately poor performance in 13 stores trading in South Ireland.   “As a result, the board now expects… Read more »

Tasteful birthday cards!

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Birthday cards have been getting a little fancy and pricey over the years. From over-sized birthday cards, pop up cards and  musical cards, there is no stopping the greeting cards industry, and now it has got even tastier. A Brooklyn-based American Greetings Corporation, is releasing a line called Tasties; cards that come with a dissolvable… Read more »

Don’t spend a fortune on cards this birthday cards, send free ecards with

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As your family and friends birthdays begin to crop and the usual ‘Don’t get me a present, just get me a card’ comes into play, you immediately think ‘Great, cheaper for me.’ It’s only after you arrive at your high street card shop and find your £5 on cards to mum, dad, bro, sis, grannies… Read more »

Say happy birthday, well done, good luck, happy Christmas or I love you with and avoid embarrassment

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There is nothing worse than going Saturday shopping with your mates to buy your girlfriend a soppy Happy Birthday card…how embarrassing. And there is no way you can come home with a funny jokey card else you will get the evil glare and silent treatment for a week. To avoid the embarrassment and to keep a… Read more »

Cheer your work colleagues up with an ecard

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If your work colleague is feeling a little stressed or down in the dumps why not cheer them up with one of the fantastic free ecards at Whether you are just telling them to have a good day or asking them to go for a coffee, nothing will cheer them up more than showing… Read more »

The world is at your fingertips with ecards

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As the internet and its technology has become more advanced, you come across a number of online sites which specialise in e-cards. These personalised cards are gaining popularity by the day because of their multimedia applications and personalisation elements that allow you to create cards which will be perfect for the receiver! For example, you… Read more »

Send your personalised message at the click of a button with ecards!

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The development of technology and the interent is causing hand delivered paper cards to rapidly being replaced by personalised ecards. Especially with the development of the Internet, more and more people tend to send electronic cards instead of paper-based ones to their friends and relatives to give them a nice little surprise via email when… Read more »