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We had an excellent staff day out to cheer us up from the credit crunch gloooooom!  Here are the Photos below – David Gubb our king techie thrashed us all (including Lee – the uber competitive salesman), and proved to be the best driver in the company.

dscf2352.JPG dscf2352.JPG dscf2353.JPG dscf2348.JPG dscf2381.JPG dscf2382.JPG dscf2385.JPG

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We will be launching our premium user upgrade V2 over the next week.  The new features enable users to add contacts to an address book, set reminders, administer their account and see if theiur cards have been picked up yet.  It is still free and always will be so keep an eye out for it.  We will be sending an email to the base once it is fully working but we are just trialing it at the moment to clear all the bugs and also to make sure that the site does not slow down too much.

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Well tis the season to be jolly n’all that malarky!  eCards is working arround the clock to be able to handle the surge in traffic which we expect in december and as such we are load testing all the servers.  If you have any problems at all please email and let us know the problems and we will fix the bugs asap.  The best way to find the bugs is from reports from our users so dont be shy!  We are developing loads of new christmas cards at the moment so keep your eyes peeled for them.

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Hi I am Sam Heaton and I am the MD of the company which operates and I have a bit of an appology to make to our users!    Basically we use a company which delivers our email campaigns for us.  These days in order to get an email to the inbox you must use a reputable supplier or the email just goes into the junk folder.  We cut a new deal and changed suppliers but in the process of switching some people who had unsubscribed previously started getting emails again from us.  We identified 12,000 people on this list and we have sent them all an appology persoanally but that is no excuse.   Obvoiusly we have rectified the situation but we as a company respect your privacy and take it very seriously.  I feel that it is best to be honest and open with these things and if it effected you again I appologise.

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Well being based in devon and us hitting our sales targets we have done a little bit of Clay Pigoeon Shooting day out.    The ecard site is rocking and we have nearlly completely sold out the advertising inventory.  Our Financial Pit Bull David Baglow turned out to be a crack shot!  So beware any advertisiers who shirk their bill!!!! :)

2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-023.jpg  2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-032.jpg 2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-030.jpg 2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-036.jpg 2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-035.jpg 2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-038.jpg copy-of-2008-10-13-ecards-media-day-shooting-039.jpg

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We have always tried to provide a completely free service and fund this entirely through advertising. We want to provide the best ecard content on the web today and be the biggest ecard supplier in the world. In order to send an ecard users must click on a pop up advert of their choice. This is not too harsh in our opinion and all the money we make is invested back into the company in the form of new eCards. Most of our competitors try to charge their users for content which is about the same as ours or worse in some cases!!!

We are devoping loads of new content at the moent and it will go live during the summer of 08 so keep your eyes open!

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We have just launched a Premium User Service where we offer you the user the ability to:

  • View your ecard history
  • Schedule cards for the future
  • Edit Your Profile

We are also adding new features in there such as an address book and also a reminder service. These should launch over the coming months.

We ask for some more targeted information when you sign up to this service and this means that we will show you less advertising and the adverts which we do show you will be highly targeted to what your requiements are. For example we will only send you car insurance adverts when you have stated your insurance is up for renewal.

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Teddy bear hugThis is a brilliant interactive ecard that begind with a brown box sitin on the clouds before a yellow sunset. A caption appears above the box saying “click to open”. When the recipient clicks on the box a teddy bear pops up with a big grin. Give someone a hug

A Big Bear Hug This is a great friendship eCard in which a bear packs himself into a cardboard box beside a postbox. Soon, a postman comes along and lifts the box into his van. A little while later the postman arrives outside a house, another bear is stood outside the door waiting. The postman lifts the box out of the van and puts it down infront of the waiting bear. Suddenly, out jumps the first bear out of the box and hugs the second, very suprised bear! The message in this ecard is “Sending you a big hug”.

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Welcome to the new Blog!  We will try to let you know some more about the company and what we are doing to improve the service we are delivering.

The company behind the site is called eCards Media Ltd and we are based in North Devon.  We have 12 staff and here is a picture of the team at our christmas party!


And this is the Sales Team: