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What to Buy for His Birthday?

Like men, Woman struggle buying birthday presents for men.  All men really want is toys, so here is a top ten list of toys to buy men on their birthday:

1. Buy him a new watch! High tech or designer, it will be appriciated

2. A new computer. This will go down a treat and maybe you can use it too!

3. Men love their music. Buy him a new ipod, mp3 player or a Hi-Fi stereo.

4. Fed up with his stench? New aftershave is the answer. He will love it and so will you.

5. A personalised pint glass. A mans dream present.

6. A suave new camera would be nice.

7. Every man needs a set of golf clubs…

8. A sky subscription, once bought, you will never go back!

9. Send him a saucy eCard? Some sort of invitation maybe?

10 Send him a personalised card.

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Top Ten Gifts Her Birthday





Every man struggles to find the right present on her birthday. To help, we have created a top ten list of gifts to give to a girlfriend, friend or family member on their birthday.

1. Buy her shopping vouchers. That way you cant get in trouble for buying the wrong gift.

2. Send her a Personalised card.

3. Buy her chocolate, everyone loves chocolate.

4. Woman always need a calendar in their busy lives.

5. A new bag would go down a treat with almost any woman.

6. Some pretty Jewellery, maybe engraved?

7. Beautiful smelling perfume, this will be nice for you also!

8. Buy her some new makeup to go in her new bag maybe?

9. Make her look even more stunning on her special day with some new clothes.

10. Send her an eCard.

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Sending someone an eCard is a great way to say thank you to them. it’s quick, simple and very effective. not only will the recipient be pleased with your message, but will laugh, smile and maybe even cry?! This depends on the card you select from our range. Take a look at our selection:


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An eCard a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Got an ill friend or family member? If so, send them one of our ‘Get Well Soon’ eCards. In doing this, you’re bound to make them feel much better and happier. We have a wide variety of ‘Get Well Soon’ cards. Choose from a list of Comical, happy, nice, sweet and interactive. If you really want to make the ill recipient smile, send them a card from our ‘Face it’ range. Face it enables you to upload and incorporate your own pictures into our card designs. You have the opportunity to upload the face of the recipient and put it onto one of our funny animated characters.





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Everyone likes a nice surprise or gesture on their special day, so here are our top ten things to do for someone on their birthday.

1. Treat them to a meal in the confinement of their own home. Cook for them, pour their wine, invite their close friends and family and enjoy the evening.

2. Throw a formal party. Invite all the birthday persons close friends and family, eat fine food, dance and have a ball.

3. Throw a surprise party for the birthday guy/gal. Invite all friends and family and make sure they keep it zipped!

4. Take them on holiday. Either surprise them, or let them know and help you make the decision.

5. Take them out to a fancy restaurant. Buy them their favorite meal! It’s bound to be appreciated.

6. Arrange for a group of friends to take the special person out clubbing. Maybe take them to a place where they havent been out before.

7. Give them the oppurtunity to do something they would love to do but would never get round to actually doing it. For example, take them sky diving or extreme fishing.

8. Bring them breakfast in bed, wait on them, pamper them, make sure they are fully satisfied.

9. Go out for a casual drink and buy them their favourite beverage! (expensive or not)

10. Send them an Happy Birthday eCard. We have a huge variety of Birthday eCards. Here are a few that you could send to someone on their special day.











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Murray Can Do It!

The Scotsman, Andy Murray, is set to play Marin Cilic on tuesday on court No.1. This is

Andy’s 6th Wimbledon Championship and he is hoping for a big win.

With our morale support, Andy’s self esteem will hopefully be rocketing through the

roof on final day whilst he triumphs on the centre court. We could aid in

leading him to victory!

Let him know how much you want him to win by sending a Good Luck eCard!

Here is some of our popular Good luck Cards:






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How we can support our olympic team!

There are many different ways to support our olympians this year.

Here are our top ten:

1. Go to London games and watch the athletes of your nation compete in as many different events as possible. This is a great way to support the team because every cheer counts!

2. If you cant make it to the venue, watch the olympics online or through your television. By doing this you can keep track of how were doing.

3. Purchase the biggest flag you can find and hang it out your window, wear it or fly it outside your house.

4. Decorate the inside and outside of your house so everyone knows who you’re routing for!

5. If you’re an athlete buy and wear the athletics outfit. When competing you will almost feel like you’re part of the olympics it’self

6. When watching, BE LOUD, CHEER AND SING! Morale support is what we need to give us the edge over other nations.

7. Wish them good luck! Do this in every way possible! Maybe do it online via Facebook or Twitter.

8. Believe in them! There is nothing better than someone believing in you. If everyone does this  and lets the athletes know that we are believing in them, their performance is bound to be incredible!

9. High expectations is a key fundamental in our olympians doing well.

10. Send them a Good Luck eCard!


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Is an eCard enough for an anniversary?  I’d say probably not if that is all you are going to do unless you want a damn good kicking from your better half!  But in this day and age of cost saving it is a free solution and can be used in all the little things you can do for your partner on your anniversary.  The likelihood is that your anniversary will fall on a week day so you wont be together for most of the day.  Having lots of small events going on throughout the day is a great way of having a special day.  Here are some more great things you can do:

  1. Send them an eCard:  We have loads of anniversary ecards which are all free to send and you can even post this to your partners facebook wall.
  2. Make them a meal:  When your partner gets home from work make sure they don’t lift a finger and make them a great romantic meal together.
  3. Hot Sex: Yep well this goes without saying but it all depends on how long you have been married!
  4. Send Flowers:  Flowers arriving at work is always a crowd pleaser
  5. Take them away:  a surprise night away in a little boutique hotel.
  6. Buy them something which they actually want, it doesn’t have to be expensive.  If its thoughtful and the recipient actually wants it , it will mean more to them.
  7. Personalised Card:  Compile all the photos of you together over the years and make a greeting card from it.




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We have quietly introduced an exciting new feature for users to have their ecard delivered by facebook.  This means that you post your card directly onto your friends timeline or wall.  The ecard will actually play on their wall on the facebook page.  The great thing about this is that:

  1. You initiate a social celebration, previously when a friend has a birthday you see a stream of “happy Birthday” messages.  This new type of ecard gives the croud of well wishers a focal point to rally round.
  2. All the sender and recipients friends will see the ecard posted to their friends wall and they can like or comment on it.
  3. The card is guaranteed to get to the intended recipient.   Spam filers are more aggressive these days and we see some of our notification emails being sent to the junk folder.  By posting the card directly to facebook they will definitely receive it.
  4. Its very easy to use – we don’t ask for inappropriate permissions when you facebook connect with us.
  5. Its still a free ecard!

To get started all you have to do is:

  • Just pick the card you want and then choose the send by facebook option.
  • You then need to facebook connect.  This is not as scary as it sounds all you have to do is click the connect button and then log in as you normally would into facebook.
  • Then you click accept to allow the connection between our system and ours.
  • Our snazzy new system pulls your friends pictures and you just click on the person(s) you want to send the card to and click accept.

That’s it – your ecard will be sent.  Sit back and watch all your friends enjoy the social celebration!

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Most Dads in this world are fed up to the back teeth of receiving dodgy ties, socks or a new mug for the office.  We have come up with 10 things which you can do for you Dad which we think he will really appreciate and it wont cost you a penny.

  1. Food:  Cook him a great meal.  We’re not talking a goats cheese salad here we are talking real food.  Ribs dripping in BBQ sauce with those thin crispy fries that you only get once in a while or at a posh french restaurant.
  2. Wash & Groom The Dog:  Its one of those jobs which is put off for too long and it always annoys fathers when this mangey mutt is wandering around the house putting mud, sand and all sorts of crap everywhere.  The hair shedding is also a nightmare.
  3. Chauffeur or Babysitter:  If you are a teenager and able to drive – why not offer to be a chauffeur for the evening for your parents so they can take themselves off for a night on the town.
  4. Mow the Lawn:  If you mow the lawn your dad has time to take it easy and have a snooze in the garden listening to test match special if the cricket is on.
  5. Clean the Car (Inside & Out):  There are just not enough hours in the day for most dads and this will go down really well.
  6. Do the washing up for a week:  Every day when you get home you clean the kitchen and after dinner every night you do the washing up.
  7. IOU x 5 – this is a piece of paper which is stuck onto the fridge (via fridge magnet) which enables dad to at any point within the month call in the 5 IOUs.  Any disagreement, quarrel or argument enables dad to pull rank and win the argument without any further discussion.
  8. Breakfast in bed, wake up tea – for a week you will bring a cup of tea to Mum and Dad in the mornings and at the weekend you will bring them breakie in bed.
  9.  Slave for a day:  Offer yourself out as an odd job helper so that and jobs or errands he needs doing you are on hand for a day to sort them out (no pay).
  10. If you are going to buy him something ask mum and find out what he actually wants!

Whatever you decide to do for your fathers this fathers Day he is going to love it if you just make an effort and put yourself out for him.  It doesn’t take much just go a little out of your way and he will remember it!