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Superstar rapper P.Diddy promised to hand over the £131,000 car when young popstar Justin Bieber was old enough to drive. And true to his word he was spotted on Tuesday behind the wheel of Diddy’s white Gallardo Spyder with his pal Sean Kingston heading off to buy frozen yoghurt.

It isn’t sure whether he had promised to hand over the £131,000 permanently or whether it was just a loan to the teenager who turned 16 on March 1st.

Speaking to People Magazine Bieber said, “He said when I turn 16 he will give me his Lamborghini. But we all know Diddy’s not going to give me his Lamborghini, he is all talk.”

Bieber already received a Range Rover for his 16th birthday from Usher.

Justin Bieber, was named as the most searched name on the Internet this month. He was discovered after posted videos of himself singing on YouTube in 2006 when he was just 12 years old.

The Canadian star has more than 40 million online followers before he had even released a record.

He has been top 10 in 10 countries, has seven singles in the Billboard Top 100 ( a record for a debut album) as is also the youngest artist to top the American album charts since Little Stevie Wonder in 1963.

Quite frankly we would’ve been happy with a birthday card from I mean we would love a Range Rover, however we aren’t really close with Usher so just a birthday card will do.

Bieber has been top 10 in 10 countries, had seven singles in the Billboard Top 100 (a record for a debut album) and is the youngest artist to top the American album charts since Little Stevie Wonder in 1963.

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A Royal Mail Postman has been sentenced to 240 hours of community service after being caught opening children’s birthday cards in the hope of finding money.

The Londonderry Postman, Brendan Taggart, from Sevenoaks in the Waterside, kept undelivered mail in the back of his car for more than two months.

Taggart admitted to the charges for interfacing with and delaying the delivery of post at the city magistrates court on Thursday 8th July.

He also pleaded guilty to two charges of opening children’s birthday cards.

The offences were committed between May and August 2006 after Taggart’s (24) car was set on fire in an arson attack at Norburgh Park Foyle Springs in the city. The car was found to contain bundles of undelivered mail.

The police found the mail bags and reported the situation to the Royal Mail management at the sorting office in Derry.

Taggart made admissions when he was questioned by his superior officers.

The Royal Mail fired Taggart as a result of his actions. The District Judge sentenced him to a four-months in jail and suspended for three years, saying that no one would ever know the disruption Taggart had caused to people’s lives.

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Royal Mail’s income from customer penalty fees rocketed to 50 per cent after it created mass confusion by changing the way it charges for letters.

In August 2006 the organisation moved to a system of charging based on the size rather than the simple system of sticking on a first or second class stamp.

Many customers were finding that their Christmas and Birthday Cards weren’t being delivered as expected.

In response people received unexpected warning notices telling them that letter with underpaid postage would have to be collected from a sorting office.

These customers not only had to cover the underpaid postage – which was often just a few pence – but were also hit with a £1 administration charge.  

Concerns were raised by consumer groups who suspected that the charge was far too high and amounted to blatant profiteering.

The figures obtained by the Daily Mail using a Freedom of Information request confirmed that the organisation did cash in on the confusion created in charging.

And the total income from this source rose by 49 per cent in the year after the change came into effect – taking it up too £14.8 million in 2007/08 and then £16.5 million in 2008/09.

A break down of how many letters were surcharged was not provided by the Post Office but it is believed that at least 20 million were involved.

The new system has caused particular disruption around Christmas because a huge number of festive cards – as well as birthday cards – fell foul of the sizing rules.

Long queues formed outside the sorting offices as people lined up to pay penalty fees and underpaid postage in order to get a card from their loved ones.

Details about the income from the charges is being kept a secret.

The figures were first asked for in the run-up to Christmas 2008 by The Daily Mail. The Royal Mail repeatedly refused so the Daily Mail made a request under the Freedom of Information Act. The appeal was again refused claiming the information was commercially confidential.

19 months later and following a successful appeal to the Office of the Information Commissioner Royal Mail has been forced to hand over the details.

The official customer body, Consumer-Focus, has questioned the £1 fee is a fair reflection of the actual costs suffered by Royal Mail when it expects the customer to come and collect their letter.

A spokesman said, “We have questioned Royal Mail on how they arrive at the £1 cost and also on the volume of mail that this applies to.

“Unfortunately only Royal Mail will be able to give you answers to these questions as we are not allowed to go public with this information.”

The official customer body, Consumer-Focus, has questioned whether the £1 fee is a fair reflection of the actual costs suffered by Royal Mail when it expects a customer to come and collect a letter.

Royal Mail said, “Royal Mail does not make a profit from the administration fee involved in the collection of underpaid mail as the fee simply reflects the extra work involved.

“If there was no system to collect unpaid postage, it is very likely tat the current tiny fraction of mail with no or underpaid postage on it would increase significantly – at a cost to all other customers who pay the correct postage.”

Royal Mail did admit that the administration fee charged to businesses which underpay on outgoing mail amounts to 20p an item. However they charge customers five times more.

It said that this was justified because of the extra work involved. “The extra work includes sorting underpaid letters and separating them form the rest of the post, informing customers through a card delivered to their address about the underpaid item, storing the item for up to three weeks until it is collected, and then returning the item to the sender free of charge…if it is not collected,” it said.

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At we are all about celebrating people’s birthday’s and what better birthday to celebrate than the famous Etch A Sketch toy we have all owned.

Over 100 million of the toys have sold worldwide since it first went on sale in the US on July 12 1960 for just $2.99.

“Etch A Sketch is a mum’s favourite toy. Children can be creative on any level with it and it requires no instruction,” said Larry Kilgallon of the Ohio Art Company, who have manufactured the toy since its inception.

“It doesn’t take batteries and makes no noise, and it is a toy that we can all relate to from our own childhoods.”

Its appearance and popularity remain more or less unchanged since the Etch A Sketch was first created by French inventor Arthur Granjean.

Now the toy is sold in the UK by Mattel at £14.99 and has fast become one of the world’s most popular toys, earning it a place in the exclusive US Toy Hall of Fame along with only 43 other classic toys.

In an increasingly technological toy market, the original Etch A Sketch, with its iconic red frame, continues to hold its own amongst the likes of the Nintendo DS.

In fact, the timeless toy – named one of the century’s top toys in 2008 – has seen a 20 per cent rise in worldwide sales this year.

This lasting success can possibly be attributed to the recent attention given to Toy Story 1 and 2 in the run-up to this month’s release of Toy Story 3, although it is revealed in the much anticipated third film that Etch has since been sold.

Toy retailer, Toys R Us said that they have “consistently supported the classic Etch A Sketch as it has always been a popular seller because of its timeless appeal.”

The world’s largest Etch A Sketch, unveiled only two months ago, is a staggering 8ft by 6fy and resides in the Indianapolis museum of childhood.

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She’s not just a pretty face Miss Swift!

The talented solo artist has designed ehr very own greetings cards for the American Greetings Corporation. The collection of whimsical cards features 14 all new designs and classic summer imagery enhanced by thoughtful real-life sentiments that continue to exemplify the qualities that have made the greetings such as a hit, the honest, open and sincere words through the voice of Taylor Swift.

And the latest collection offers birthday cards for your best friend, a little bit of romance for that special someone, and cards to share with anyone who puts a smile on your face – just to let them know that you are thinking about them.

The fun, iconic summer images maintain the ‘traditional with a twist’ look that fans love, and the numbered butterfly icons help card enthusiasts and fans alike collect all of the latest greetings. To date there are 43 Taylor Swift greeting cards.

“We had so much fun with the summer collection. All of the sparkle mixed with classic summer photography instantly put us in a good mood as we were working on the cards, and we knew that was a really good sign,” states Maureen Meidenbauer, Taylor Swift brand manager at American Greetings. “It is also great for us to see Taylor get excited about the products, and see that they are cards she loves and wishes she could already send out. We know there are others out there who can relate to the feelings in all of these cards, and we can’t wait for them to get a chance to share it!”


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 For 37 years, Barbara Paterson sold handmade cards at St Kilda’s Esplanade Market in Melbourne Australia.

In fact, Barbara was an icon in St Kilda, renowned for her lovely handmade cards she sold for almost four decades.

However, the talented grandmother has sent out her farewell invite selling her very last card on Sunday June 27th 2010.

Mrs Paterson said the significance of her decisions had yet to sink in.

The Camberwell artist first set up her stall in a bit to top-uo the household budget.

In 1973 there was no Sunday trading or reserving market spots and stall permits cost just $1.

Set up by Luna Park and the foreshore, the market was packed with energised curious crowds, buzzing to see what the excitement was all about.

And over the years, Mrs Paterson said that her fondest memories have been shaped by all the people who passed by.

She said she got a ‘thrill’ when a celebrity bought one of her cards.

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Making changes in your life can sometimes have a positive effect in the long term, and that’s why are with you all the way when it comes to changing from traditional greetings cards to ecards.

We understand the habits and withdrawal symptoms that occur when you don’t receive a birthday card from a friend or loved one on your birthday because they have forgotten or simply didn’t care.

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Simply choose the ecard you love, personalise the message and ping it over to their email! What a surprise they will get!

And it really will make your like better, you will be in pocket because the site is free, you will be saving the environment as you won’t be using paper, and you won’t have to worry about missing the post as an email can be sent and delivered in seconds.

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Yesterday, Marty McFly from Back to the Future, arrived into 2010 after hitting at 88mph in a pimped out Delorean in 1985!

However, true Back to the Future fans always knew someone was meddling with the space time continuum.

This week a photoshop image began circulating the Internet claiming 5th July 2010 was ‘Future Day’ the date Marty McFly and Doctor Emmett Brown visit in their time travelling- De Lorean in the 1980s blockbuster.

The rumour ran wild on the Internet yesterday and generated a flurry on social networking sites, with Back to the Future becoming a trend topic on Twitter and one of the most searched for phrases on Google.

But Great Scott! The date was completely wrong!

Any REAL Back to the Future fan would know that the day Doc and Marty visit in the second film of the trilogy is October 21st, 2015.

But we reckon whatever year they visit the results will be a little disappointing and a far cry from the hoverboard and futuristic shoes with automated laces.

And while Doc does express a wish to travel 25 years ahead in time of 1985, the date is never entered into DeLorean’s dashboard!

So who is responsible for such a chronological cock up!?

The big hoax has been claimed by UK-based film website Total Film, explaining it like this, “A casual office conversation brought up the fact that 5th July 2010 is referenced in Back To The Future (though Doc and Marty never actually go there), so sensing a bit of fun for our Twitter feed (and without checking) we posted the Tweet. Then things got interesting,” they website reported.

The original tweet read, “Great Scott! It’s Future Day! In Back to the Future, Doc Brown sets the time circuits for 25 years in the future…that day is today!”

The post soon took Twitter by storm with the website’s 30,000 followers eagerly re-tweeting the message.

Film buffs began questioning their claim, so in response ‘for a bit of fun’ they Photoshopped an image of the digital time display from the dashboard of the DeLorean to say ‘o5 07 2010′ and loaded it onto the twitpic.

Underneath the photograph, a caption read, “We got it wrong. Apparently 5th July isn’t mentioned in Back to the Future. So we went back and changed it.”

However, what was meant as a little joke between Twitter friends, ended up as a viral blog post with the image forwarded as proof that July 5th 2010 was the real date.

And now a second Photoshopped image is now circulating in cyberspace, with the date changed to July 6th.

“So apologies, film fans. We were wrong,” Total Film says.

“It seems some lax research and average Photoshop skills go a long way on Twitter these days.”

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Greeting cards retailer Clinton Cards said the total sales since its last statement in May have been weaker than expected. 

Their total sales are expected to be about 2 per cent behind the board’s previous expectations, impacted by the disproportionately poor performance in 13 stores trading in South Ireland.  

“As a result, the board now expects that the Group adjusted operating profit, for continuing operations will be similar to last year,” it said.

The group said it continues to work with significant headroom across all of its banking covenants.

ecards verdict: Everyone loves a nice card, however the prices of traditional cards in the greeting cards stores are becoming very expensive and at the present time people can’t afford to spend.

On top of this, many people are working full time or even two jobs and don’t have the time to nip and buy a card for their friends and loved one’s leaving them in a bit of a pickle.

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forgetting cardIf you live away from your family and friends and can’t just pop round to their home to drop off their birthday card, then you need to get online to

There is nothing worse than only remembering two days before that it is your mothers birthday and not having the added advantage of a ten minute drive if you live half way across the world. You know the consequences and if that card isn’t sitting on her door mat on the exact day, you can expect no roast dinners, to be completely blanked and more to the point no birthday card (or more importantly presents) when it is your birthday. It’s how the world of mothers work.

All they usually ask is, ‘don’t get me a present, just get me a card’ and if you forget this you definitely are a bad child and you are down in their books.

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