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ecardsThe ecard has taken the greetings card world by storm and High Street shops have seen a drop over the past few years.

And the fall has been blamed on the rise of the ecard, an electronic greeting sent via the Internet or by mobile phone. It has become increasingly popular with young people who say it is easier, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than traditional cards.

A survey conducted a few years ago found that 40 per cent of 16-35 year old are now happy to abandon traditional cards in favour of ecards.

Another study by Mintel, the consumer research company, found that 53 per cent of consumers thought that greeting cards were too expensive.

David Bird, Mintel’s senior consumer analyst, said, “ecards are becoming increasingly popular among young people, businesses and government and other organisations.”

And supporters of the ecards world said electronic cards were more personal than mass produced cards because they could be customised.

And young people’s reluctance for pen to paper is reflected in the dying art of letter writing as most people turn to email to speak to family and friends.

Many believe that receiving a card is more personal than an ecard as that person has taken the time out to write it for their friends and loved ones.

Whatever type of card takes your fancy, why not just give ecards a go and send a free personalised birthday card to your friends.

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Birthday cards have been getting a little fancy and pricey over the years. From over-sized birthday cards, pop up cards and  musical cards, there is no stopping the greeting cards industry, and now it has got even tastier.

A Brooklyn-based American Greetings Corporation, is releasing a line called Tasties; cards that come with a dissolvable flavour strip for the recipient to eat. Each of the flavour strips corresponds with the message that is on the birthday card. One flavour strip tastes like a vanilla cupcake.

“I can taste, uh, a little bit of vanilla frosting with sprinkles on a regular doughnut,” said one little girl who tried it. “It tastes really good.”

And from a taste of chocolate to a toast with a margarita, the idea is one which some say they are not surprised to see.

“Cards have gone everywhere now, we are gonna taste them now too,” said one man.

“Greeting cards are coming over the edge now, they are totally different, you gotta be up and on the cutting edge now, whatever’s new and different and this is good,” says a woman.

And better still the cupcake flavour won’t even break your diet.

If you are looking to send an extra special birthday card to the person you love, well then why not make it personal with The website has a wide collection of cards to suit everyone’s personalities and interests.

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birthday cardsAs your family and friends birthdays begin to crop and the usual ‘Don’t get me a present, just get me a card’ comes into play, you immediately think ‘Great, cheaper for me.’

It’s only after you arrive at your high street card shop and find your £5 on cards to mum, dad, bro, sis, grannies or Auntie Pat, doesn’t really go a long way. 

Well luck is in order for you at The website features a wide range of different ecards that you can send to your loved ones for absolutely free.

The free ecards website is perfect for you to send personalised birthday cardsto your friends and loved ones. Simply visit the site, choose your favourite ecard and send it on to their email.

And if your granny doesn’t have an email, then set her one up and tell her she has an extra present and a card for her birthday. Should keep you in the good books for a while and possibly get an extra tenner in your birthday card (Unless she already uses ecards; then unlucky for you!)

In fact, ecards are the perfect way to say how you feel in a different but very special way. From happy birthday, well done, good luck, and I love you, you can say what you want and how you want it for absolutely free at

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personalised birthday cardThere is nothing worse than going Saturday shopping with your mates to buy your girlfriend a soppy Happy Birthday card…how embarrassing.

And there is no way you can come home with a funny jokey card else you will get the evil glare and silent treatment for a week.

To avoid the embarrassment and to keep a bit of money in the back pocket, send free ecards with

The ecards website has many different ways to say happy birthday to your loved one, with the option of adding your own personalised message, making that card really special.

And it is so simple to use as well. Simply visit the website, choose your perfect personalised birthday card and send it on to your loved one to see their day brighten up!

And if she throws a tantrum saying she wanted a card she can put up on the fireplace, then tell her that the reason you sent an ecard was because you wanted to tell her how you felt in your own words as no card in all of the high street shops you searched in truly said what you feel.

If that doesn’t work take a look at our ‘Your Dumped’ ecard that would work a treat!

To take a look at all of the ecards on offer visit

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ecardsIf you are looking to do your bit for the environment but don’t know where to start, then why not send a free ecard with and do your bit for the trees.

The free website is simple to use and can help you not only save the environment but also a bit of money as well!

From personalised birthday cards, to funny ecards, there is something for everyone you know and love. Whether you simply want to say Happy Birthday or Congratulations, a ecard is the perfect way to say in in your own personal way.

The team at are currently working on new and exciting ways for you to send personalised cards to your friends and loved ones. The team are developing a new feature whereby you select your favourite personalised card, jazz it up with your own photos and personalised message, they will print it off for you and post it wherever you want. The new feature is soon to be up and running so keep an eye out for it!

In the meantime keep enjoying the free ecards online!

Posted by & filed under Personalised Cards. your work colleague is feeling a little stressed or down in the dumps why not cheer them up with one of the fantastic free ecards at

Whether you are just telling them to have a good day or asking them to go for a coffee, nothing will cheer them up more than showing that you care.

There are many different free business ecards on the site, all which can be personalised by you to send to your work friends.

And it’s not just business ecards that can do. They have a whole selection of ecards from birthday cards, to a special way of saying Congratulations, Good Luck or Farewell!

Whatever it is you are looking to say, have the right way to say it and the best thing about it is that it’s absolutely free! :-)

To get your hands on some free ecards to send to your friends and loved ones visit today.

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Our family history, culture, language and economic status all plays a huge part in how we celebrate our birthday. From a lavish do with hundreds of guests and champagne, to a quiet meal with your family at home, everyone has different ways of celebrating their birthday and some may appear stranger than others.

At we have been sneaking into to people’s parties and nosing on the neighbours to see how they celebrate their birthday. From the plains of Africa to the East Coast of Australia we have stretched the length and breadth of the globe to see what’s going on in birthday land.

This month, with the World Cup in full flow and celebrations flying around the globe, we have taken a trip to Africa to see how birthdays are celebrated amongst the different cultures around the country.

In many African cultures the day a child is born is not necessarily seen as a special day. Instead, when an African child reaches a certain age, they are initiated into the community to learn the laws, beliefs, customs, songs and dances of the tribes. These initiation ceremonies are celebrated amongst groups of children instead of individual children.

Egyptian birthday parties –

Egyptian birthday parties are full of singing and dancing when a child reaches his/her first year life. Lots of flower and fruit kenya2.jpgare used to decorate the party as symbols of life and growth.

Ghanaian birthday parties –
On the morning of their birthday, children wake up to a special treat called ‘oto’ which is a patty made from mashed sweet potato and eggs fried in palm oil. Afterwards they have a birthday party where they usually eat stew and rice as well as a dish known as ‘kelewele’ which is fried plantain chunks (these are similar to bananas).

The Asante people in Ghana celebrate ‘krada’ (which means Soul Day) on the date of their birth. On a person’s krada, he/she wakes up early and washes themselves using a special leaf soaked overnight in water (this is a cleansing ritual intended to purify the inner soul). Later on, they have a feast with family and friends and the celebrant is usually dressed in white clothing.

kenya.jpgKenyan birthday parties –
When a baby is born, the mother takes the child strapped to her back into the thorn enclosure where the cattle is kept, and there, her husband and the village elders wait to give the child his/her name.

Nigerian birthday parties –
In Nigeria the 1st, 5th, 10th and 15th birthdays are considered extremely special events. On these dates they throw a huge party which has up to 100 guests or more. On these days they have a feast consisting of an entire roasted cow or goat. A dish called ‘jollof rice’ is also served at the party, which is rice with tomatoes, red peppers, and onions plus cassava which is similar to sweet potato.

Sudanese birthday parties –
In Sudan the children who live in the cities celebrate their birthday whereas in the country they don’t. Children usually drink red punch that is called ‘karkady’ which is made from hibiscus flowers.
West African birthday parties – After the baby is eight days old the mother takes the baby for its first walk in the big wide world and friends and family are invited to meet the new baby.

Massai birthday parties – Between 13-17 years old Massai boys undergo a two stage initiation. The first stage lasts kenya1.jpgaround three months. The boys leave their parents’ home, paint their bodies white and are taught about how to become young warriors. At the end of this stage they have their heads shaved and they are also circumcised. The second stage is where the young warriors grow their hair long and live in a camp called a manyatta where they practice hunting the wild animals that may attack the Masia herds. This stage sometimes lasts a few years. When they are ready they will marry and become owners of a large cattle herd like their fathers.

Girls are initiated when they are fourteen or fifteen and are taught by the older women about the duties of marriage and how to care for babies. Soon after that they are married and lead a similar life to that of their mothers.
So no personalised birthday cards here then! There are thousands of ways people celebrate a birthday or special occasion around the world, so why not make your next birthday cards super personal and send it with The free and easy way to say happy birthday in the most personalised way possible.

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As the internet and its technology has become more advanced, you come across a number of online sites which specialise in e-cards. These personalised cards are gaining popularity by the day because of their multimedia applications and personalisation elements that allow you to create cards which will be perfect for the receiver!

For example, you may want to dedicate a special song to someone on a special occasion along with a meaningful card. A personalised card from allows you to dedicate any song, add a photo of your choice and what’s more, you even get to write a message right from your heart and no longer need to depend on printed content or spending hours in a shop looking for a ‘card that fits’.

Apart from time saving and different multimedia options, you also get personalised cards for a variety of occasions, which might not be the case with convectional cards.

The world is literally at your fingertips and it’s time to start flooding the inbox of your loved ones with the best personalised cards. What are you waiting for? Get using today to communicate with your friends and family and send great cards straight to their inbox – no waiting around for snail mail!

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There’s one in every group; a person with such intense reservations to commercial holidays that they go gift-less, forgoing even a simple eCard or written note. Over the last twenty years, it’s grown particularly hard to blame them. The holiday calendar has grown with dramatic enthusiasm, gaining administrative holidays, new commemorations, and cult holidays as the years go by.Unfortunately, many of these special events seem to exist for the sole reason of inspiring us to buy cards, flowers, or chocolate collections. From Valentine’s Day to purely business holidays such as Secretary’s Day (or Administrative Professionals Day, if it’s more your thing), the growing holiday calendar is seen by many to represent commercial interests, and not those of us holidayers.We’ve found seven holidays that aren’t just about having a good time. For many companies, these days are important commercial occasions. If you’re all about having a good time, there’s no reason not to celebrate them; pick up an eCard, enjoy a few drinks with friends, and have a happy, if a little bit commercial, day.

1.    Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day is all about three things: family, flowers, and chocolate. Luckily, frugal holidayers can get by with just the first – a day of care and attention directed towards their mother. However, those located a little further away from their family might be best off investing in something sweet, shiny, or beautiful.

Florists and specialist chocolate shops celebrate Mother’s Day like no with the obvious exception of Valentine’s Day breaking the rule. Popular gift ideas include mixed chocolates, cosmetics and fine soaps, and floral bouquets. Clothing is also a popular option, provided you’re reasonably in touch with your mother’s presentation tastes.

2.    Sweetest Day

Sweetest Day


Mother’s Day is a fun and caring holiday that’s been commercialized over its existence. Sweetest Day, on the other hand, is a purely manufactured piece of celebration – one that’s of huge importance to candy manufacturers and high-end food shops. Invented by Cleveland-based candy tycoon Herbert Kingston, Sweetest Day is a barely disguised front for the confectionary industry.

But as expected, children love it. While rarely celebrated outside of the American Midwest, Sweetest Day is one of the most popular holidays for children throughout the country’s Great Lakes region. Queues are common at candy stores, and while there are few eCards available, many families take to posting sweets to each other in the mail.

3.    Christmas Day

Christmas Day


Most ‘Hallmark’ holidays create a slight boost in revenue, usually for a very defined and specific industry. When it comes to December, however, almost all retailers notice a clear, important, and hugely lucrative boost in sales. Christmas Day, one of the most important holidays on the Western calendar, may have noble intentions, but it’s been transformed into a purely commercial display in many parts of the world.

Take the retail industry, for example. Across American department stores, spending rose from approximately $20 billion in June 2004 to a staggering $31 billion in December. Jewelers and booksellers fare particularly well during the Christmas period, reporting sales surges of one-hundred and one-hundred-seventy percent respectively. Despite being deeply based in religious tradition and family, Christmas Day is by far the world’s most important commercial holiday.

4.    Secretary’s Day

Secretary’s Day


On the last Wednesday of April, secretaries, receptionists, and office support professionals enjoy a day of relative luxury. They spend their time relaxing and reading books, flicking through important documents with no notion of hurry, and enjoying an extended lunch hour and occasionally even an afternoon off.

While Secretary’s Day is far from an official holiday, it’s one of the most widely celebrated office holidays in the English-speaking world. Flowers, chocolates, and eCards are common gifts – the latter generally forwarded jovially over the entire office’s email network. If you’d like to introduce some festive cheer into the office, consider suggesting administrative assistants take a half-day every April.

5.    Father’s Day

Father’s Day


On the third Sunday of June, luxury watch stores, apparel retailers, and golf shops all around the world put their merchandise on display. Father’s Day is one of the most popular non-religious holidays, celebrated in hundreds of countries around the world and remaining an enduring icon of the importance of close family bonds.

In an unusual move, Sonora Smart Dodd – the founder of Father’s Day – had no qualms with the holiday’s rapid commercialization. With a self-aware charm and a slightly parodic approach, millions of retailers across the world take a tongue-in-cheek approach to Father’s Day advertising, understanding that buyers know the holiday’s commercial aspects, yet at the same time appealing to them.

6.    Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been commercial. The holiday was once an occasion for couples to share hand-written notes, forgoing the standard flowers-and-chocolates gift giving for something more personal. But halfway through the 19th century something changed; Valentine’s Day went from being a fun, cute, and slightly awkward romantic holiday into an annual commercial celebration for florists and Swiss chocolate brands.

Today, it’s most commonly celebrated with flowers and a card. Ultra-busy professionals may like to trim out some of the holiday’s fluff, opting for delivered gifts and a cute eCard. Whichever option you choose, remember that despite its commercial facade and cheesy atmosphere, Valentine’s Day is still an important day for couples.

7.    Boss’s Day

Boss’ Day


When it comes to secular office holidays, few can top Boss’s Day. Equal parts flattery and pure appreciation, Boss’s Day is an opportunity for employees across the United States (and select other countries) to profess their enjoyment of working with a manager, director, or company CEO.

As with many other office holidays and quick celebrations, there’s a loosely followed code of conduct for Boss’s Day. American etiquette expert Emily Post suggests giving gifts as a collective group of employees, an effort designed to limit weak attempts at favoritism and preferential treatment. Cards, coffee mugs, and other office-friendly products are frequently given as gifts.

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The development of technology and the interent is causing hand delivered paper cards to rapidly being replaced by personalised ecards.

Especially with the development of the Internet, more and more people tend to send electronic cards instead of paper-based ones to their friends and relatives to give them a nice little surprise via email when they are stuck at work on special occasions.

Ecards are alot more fun than traditional paper cards, they are more lively and can be interactive with moving flash animations and music when the link is opened, also they are far more environment friendly and so are popular amongst people who enjoy doing their bit for the planet such as recycling.

Another plus for ecards is that that are faster than sending a card throught the post, all you need is a click of a button and the personalised card is send and usually received in a matter of seconds!

The beauty of is that although there are other ecard websites around, you can design your own and personalise your card, so let your imagination run wild and get sending personalised cards with ecards!